Welcome to New Jersey Sustainable State Institute

Welcome to the New Jersey Sustainable State Institute. NJSSI is an independent agency that works with government, public interest groups, business leaders, scientists, and citizens from all walks of life, to answer the question:

Where are we, and where do we need to be, in order to preserve our quality of life and become a sustainable state?

NJSSI convenes multi-stakeholder processes to identify goals, indicators and targets for the future of New Jersey. We cover economic, social and environmental issues that:

  • Are critical to the future well-being of New Jersey
  • Manifest over a long time period
  • Are difficult for most citizens to follow without indicators to track progress

The current goals and indicators can be found in our most recent report, Living With the Future in Mind: Goals and Indicators for New Jersey’s Quality of Life. NJSSI has recently begun developing targets of sustainable development for New Jersey starting in the field of energy.